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The Resource Center has experts specializing in Medicare, Affordable Care Act and products to insure Beneficiaries are educated about their options and additional resources available to them.  Some of the key areas include:

  • Assist qualifying Beneficiaries with programs to cover medical services and prescription drug costs

  • Help qualifying members with Medicaid applications.

  • Work closely with DADS and Area Agency on Aging.

  • Able to assist and work with available resources to help with utilities, rent, food, cell phone and transportation.

  • Quality customer service as well as licensed, contracted and certified agents provided to enroll Medicare Beneficiaries and those who qualify for the Affordable Care Act, into the health plan that best fits their needs.

  • Discussion Group For all subject matters.

  • Assist with Prescription drug evaluations to ensure that customers medications are covered and affordable.

  • Quality customer service to help address any issues or concerns of the member

  • Interactive home health program This program allows for tracking the activities of our members both in the center and at home.

  • It can be easily seen how the systems provided by the HEALTH AND WELLNESS RESOURCE CENTER are programs that an entire community needs to maintain its wellness and its healthy lifestyle.

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